Hogue Cellars’ 2012 Late Harvest Riesling Profile

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hogue-cellars-late-harvest-riesling-columbia-valley-usaAs far as Rieslings go, this one is very high-quality. The label is beautifully laid out and appears high-end on a svelte, lightly tapered bottle that is easy to carry. Eye-catching and amongst award winners, its an easy pick. A “sometimes wine” at an everyday price, this is not the kind of wine you want to drink daily but perfect for special occasions or intimate gatherings and meals.

Don’t be mistaken by it’s sweet label, with a residual sugar of 4.7 it is also naturally high in acidity. This heady white has a bite and bitterness to it with a slight hint of lemongrass. End of season grapes aged on the vine and bottled quickly afterwards, gives it an off-dry uniqueness. Allowing it to breathe beforehand and pouring only a quarter glass is paramount with this wine. Without this your nose will get a slap before you can even get a taste. I call this the “price of admission”, much like a fine cheese; worth it. This crisp sting mingles with the concentrated sweetness of the grapes. It ends with a pleasant black tea finish that lingers for an enjoyably long time.

It pairs best with sharp aged hard cheeses, italian herbs, and seafood as the saltiness brings out the hidden sweetness. Avoid eating it with sweet salami or other somewhat bland dishes as it can overpower them. Tapas-sized spicy Southeast Asian dishes would be a wonderful accompaniment. While this isn’t a dessert wine, it pairs sinfully with chocolates. (You’re welcome.)

Unlike most affordable wines, instead of charging through a bottle you will find yourself after a few wonderful hours pass pleasantly discovering the bottle has been drained. In this regard it feels as robust as a red. The best uses for this wine are small intimate gatherings such as a picnic or cocktail party. It tastes very similar, both cool and at room temperature, so it can sit out during a party without losing it’s flavor, and would travel well without refrigeration. The small size of the bottle, the easy twist-off and reusable cap, and good pairing with hard cheeses makes it ideal for picnics. It’s the perfect wine to gift because of it’s price, size, quality, ease of use and appeal to all palates. Overall it’s an exquisite wine meant for immediate consumption.

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