JB Neufeld Winery

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J.B. Neufeld is a boutique winery located just west of Yakima, Washington in the small town of Wiley City. A labor of love founded by Justin Neufeld, a winemaker for Gilbert Cellars, it is named for himself, his wife Brooke, and his grandfather. The winery was founded as a way for Justin to experiment with different grapes from the Yakima region and explore the terroir of the region through the fruit. Justin says that this lets him maintain the “uniqueness of place” and concentrate on the grapes more than he would normally.

Their first batch of wine was only two barrels, which Justin and Brooke bottled and gave away at their wedding. It has since grown to include approximately 300 cases a year of high quality Cabernet Sauvignon. This small batch concentration on a single varietal showcases how terroir can create two completely different wines just by changing where the fruit is grown. A true artistic approach to winemaking, Neufeld wines will grow to delight and has the potential to be some of the most sought after wine from the region.

They source their grapes from a few different vineyards in their local viticultural areas including DuBrul Vineyard, which won Washington State Vineyard of the Year in both 2007 and 2009. Their source vineyards have warm climates perfect for deep rich red varietals. Their complex terroir vary from steep rocky slopes to silty loam and volcanic ash. Justin combines the best aspects of each of these grapes to make his wines. He allows the grapes to compliment each other to provide a full and balanced experience from nose to finish. JB Neufeld has a 92.3 rating on CellarTracker.com with reviewers. It appears they are beloved amongst wine aficionados.

By focusing on a single varietal and blending different grapes, Justin creates a wine that can hold its own against great Bordeaux wines. Great to drink right now, these wines will only grow better with age. His wines do best decanted for several hours to several days before tasting and are perfect for collecting or gifting. They are perfect for red wine lovers, those willing to allow them to mature to their full potential and those interested in exploring varieties by terroir. Tours and tastings are available by appointment. Bottles of this exclusive wine cost approximately $35-$40 and can be purchased at select shops from coast to coast and Canada.