Badger Mountain and Powers Winery Wineries, Wines

badger-mtn-logoThe first certified organic winery in Washington, Badger Mountain and Powers proves passion and innovation come together to create something wonderful. Bill Powers, lifelong farmer, and his son Greg began planting in 1982 on their 80-acre property. By 1990, they were able to produce 100,000 gallons of wine per year. The Powers’ partnership with wine-lover Tim DeCook allowed them to initiate all environmentally sound organic practices. Bill was awarded the lifetime achievement award in 2007, by his esteemed colleagues at the Washington Association of Wine Grape Growers (WAWGG), following an inspirational recovery from a severely damaging freeze in 1996. He became a “Legend of Washington Wine” by the Walter Clore Center in 2010.

No wonder this winery is notorious for their organic and environmental practices. They depend on several major green methods to produce their world-class wines. Keeping a close eye on the balance of the ecosystem, they foster a healthy environment for their vines. They make their own ‘compost tea’ specific to the necessary nutrients needed for each particular crop. In addition to their tea, composted pulp from crush, and added blood meal and fishmeal create their personalized fertilizer. They cultivate sparingly, use cover crops and burn errant weeds instead of spreading toxic herbicides. They use a large fan and netting to remove pests safely and healthily. They produce their own biodiesel for use in all their farm equipment as well as their vehicles. Their vineyard buildings depend on solar power for their electrical needs.

Set near the top of the southern rise of Badger Mountain, the winery offers vista views of the valley including their impressively maintained vines. They have ample room for picnics including a gazebo and surrounding rose gardens. The community is invited to exciting crush events every mid-September. Interested wine enthusiasts can visit the tasting room daily from 10am to 5pm and peruse their gift shop. Private events are available for up to 100 people.

Their wine club provides Badger Mountain and Powers lovers to save 20% on cases or 10% on individual bottles. Members also receive a 15% discount in their tasting room gift shop. Membership is free and provides invitations to members-only events and limited edition releases.

As Director of Winemaking, Greg, along with the assistance of winemaker José Mendoza and their team create their infamous organic, no sulfite added (NSA) wines using locally sourced and blended fruit. Bottles range in price from $9 to $15, and their Reserve line can cost up to $35. By far, their most popular vintage is a Muscat Canelli. However, Wine Enthusiast counts their Cabernet as one of the best in America.

The Powers and DeCook families built the vineyard and winery from scratch, brought organic winemaking to Washington State. Bill and Greg Powers have truly built a legacy at Badger Mountain. Not just the ‘rising star’ touted by Wine Spectator, it is a polar star for American organic viticulture. They are a winery worth sampling, visiting and emulating.